Summer Camps

Summer Camp Charges                               

We are a licensed child care facility and we are subject to random unannounced inspections.

All of our teachers are highly qualified, many with college backgrounds; as well as, have extensive experience working in licensed childcare facilities.

We require background checks on all employees.  All staff is certified with CPR and First Aid training.

Visit the Online Forms Section to Fill Out an Application


The children will be separated into two groups, an older and a younger group.  One of the two groups will go on a field trip and the other group will stay at North Star Karate in the morning.  In the afternoon, the group that stayed at North Star will go on a field trip.  Therefore, one group will always be at North Star Karate and one group will always be on a field.  Please refer to the enclosed calendar for field trip information.  We have three buses and two vans to insure the comfort and safety of the children.

2017 Summer Camp Calendars

2017 Sumer Camp Packet


While the children are at North Star Karate they will be separated further, into two separate groups.  Each group will move from room to room every hour, doing appropriate activities in each room.


In the karate room, the children will take karate and gymnastics classes.  During the last week of Summer Camp, we will have a tournament and testing day.  All students who have attended our summer camp program will receive a trophy and progress in belt rank.  Children compete based on ability and size in groups of three.

All children will receive either a first, second, or third place trophy.

Also, organized games will be played in the karate room.




In the homework room, children will do different sit down activities based on our theme of the week.


We have Air Hockey Tables!!  Many Basketball Nets!!

In the activity room, children will do arts and crafts.

We also have a foos ball tables for the children’s enjoyment.


Each week, we will conduct a sports camp.  Topics will include soccer, baseball, cheerleading, basketball, football, and gymnastics. 

Karate Classes on Wednesdays!  No additional fee!


Daily, we will serve hot breakfasthot lunch, and a snack in the afternoon.  We have a full kitchen, which is inspected regularly by the health department.  Our menu must pass guidelines.  We offer a variety of food items, so that all children enjoy their meals.

We want the children to make the best out of their summer.  Keeping in mind that safety is always first, we will provide a fun as well as educational and stimulating atmosphere.  We are dedicated to provide the best childcare possible.  We will  provide an environment filled with knowledge and lots of exercise!


We have chosen this pool for safety purposes.  Two pools are available for the children, depending on their swimming ability.  We have a baby pool for our non-swimmers.  We have a shallow end for our beginner swimmers.  Lastly, we have a deeper end for our good swimmers.  All pools are enclosed in fences.  Our teachers and lifeguards will supervise the swimmers.  Our staff is trained in first aid and CPR and the facility will provide lifeguards.

The pool does have a diving board and a slide, which the children really enjoy!

We realize the extreme importance of safety with children around water; therefore each parent will complete a swimming questionnaire.  We will give each child a swim test and review each child’s swimming abilities.  Each child will wear either a red, yellow or green wrist band depending on their swim test results.  Each group of children will be supervised by a teacher and will stay with that teacher through out the day.  Individual groups will use certain areas of the facility at certain times, to insure the safety of the younger children.



We will provide transportation to and from Roanoke County summer school programs.


Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

Admission and registration includes completing our application form and providing a completed immunization record, plus a copy of a physical and birth certificate. Furthermore,  when the administrator and the applicant both sign the application form.



We are mandated by law to report any suspected child abuse cases. The staff will continually look for signs of child abuse or neglect.  Should it be suspected, we will notify the Child Protective Services agency immediately.


If you child will be dropped off late, you must let a staff member know you are here.




1st Child

2nd Child

5 days per week















Registration fee $100.00

waiving before 5/13/17

waiving before 5/13/17

Monthly activity fee

$ 0.00!!

$ 0.00!!

CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED, in person, by phone or online.

Payment is due by Friday of each week.  If payment is not received by Friday, we will add a $5.00 late fee to your account.  There is a return check fee of $35.00.



You do not have to commit to the entire summer!  You may take vacation weeks with NO charge!

Parents who arrive after 6:30 PM, will be charged a $25.00 late fee.
Parents who arrive after 6:45 PM, will be charged a $45.00 late fee.

We will provide storage space for all children.  Each child will have their own cubby to store personal belongings.

We will apply sunscreen and insect repellent with parental written permission only.

Two weeks notice will be required to remove children from the program.  Please inform Susan as soon as possible.  The center will give one-week notice.

Please refer to the emergency preparedness report that is posted to find out how we communicate with parents in an emergency situation.


One Friday per month.

Extra charge of $19.00 per child.

This includes, big bouncy thing, Dominos Pizza and soda for dinner.
Themes include dance parties, cotton candy and snow cone machines!


North Star Childcare does not allow anyone to pick-up your child if they are not included on your authorized pick-up list.  Please, remember this policy since it is important for the safety of our children.  If, in case of an emergency, you need someone we have not met to pick-up your child, please send a note or call and give us that person’s name and description, also advise that person that we will ask for some identification.  When you pick-up your child in the afternoons, a staff member will verify your child is going with the correct individual by checking identification.  We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

You must escort your child into and out of the building.

Children may not go into the parking lot by themselves.

If you are picking them up while they are outside, you must greet them at the counter.  In other words, the child may not leave the play area to greet you.

If a parent/guardian is going to be late picking-up a child; that child will be cared for by staff. If the child is not picked-up within a reasonable time, the designated emergency contact will be called to pick-up the child.  If no one can be contacted one hour after closing, we will call the Child Protective Services Agency.


No child will be permitted into the center if he/she appears ill. If a child becomes ill while at the center, he/she will be isolated from the other children (someone will be with him at all times) and the parents will be notified immediately. A staff member will be nearby to comfort your child until you arrive. Please inform us of any health or developmental problems, so we can work better with your child.

No medications of any kind will be given to your child without your permission. All medications must be in its original container with your child’s name, time to be administered, amount of dosage, and duration of medicine.  Medicines will be returned to parents at the end of its duration.  New permission forms must be signed each week.  Please give medicines to a staff member and not to your child to put in his/her cubby.


Young children have not yet developed a sense of judgment about the difference between information that can be shared about their families or information which properly stays within the family.  Very often young children are the source of much gossip and conversation about the private lives of their families.  Teachers and caregivers unwittingly become the receivers of shared confidences both from children and their parents.  It is critical that children’s and parent’s confidences are not repeated to other teachers, to the caregiver’s friends or families. We agree to respect to confidentiality of verbal and written reports of children, families, and teachers within our classrooms, the center and in our non-work environment.

Please check attendance sheet to see what group your child is in.  Groups 1 & 2 travel together.  Groups 3, 4 and  preschool travel together.


Swimming:   wear suits; bring afternoon clothes & store in cubby.

Apply sunscreen and insect repellent at home, before arriving.

Please do not send sunscreen or insect repellent with your child.

Realizing that safety is an issue at the pool, children will be required to pass a swim test before swimming in certain sections of the pool  We use wristbands to show swimming ability of children.

All non-swimmers will swim in the fenced-in baby pool only.

Other field trips 

For the roller skating and bowling field trips your child must have socks. 

Loch Haven Lake   Horse Back Riding

General Rules

No sharing – personal items; brushes, combs

No swearing, fighting, disrespecting peers.

No leaving the group without a pass!

On field trips, for bathroom trips, two may go at a time!

Must respect and listen to teachers!

Children may not bring toys.

We recommend bringing the least amount as possible.

Please mark child’s name on any item that must be brought.

Children may bring a small amount of money for the field trips.

Please, give the money to our staff when bringing the children in the morning.

The children will be given the money when we arrive at the outing.

A parent has the right to enter the center at any time. Parental involvement is encouraged.

In the event of an emergency, you will be contacted by phone, immediately.

If a child is found to have a communicable disease, we will notify parents within 24 hours.    If a child has a life threatening disease, you will be notified immediately.  Parents must notify us of communicable disease in the household.

We will provide semiannual scheduled opportunities for parents to provide feedback.

We will require annual updates from the guardian of required information in your child’s record.  We will document shared information.

Your proof of identity will be destroyed and disposed of properly after your child leaves the facility.


We strongly believe in an awards and consequence system.  Good behavior is rewarded with special treatment, as well as treats.  Unacceptable behavior, results in nonparticipation in certain activities.

We have incorporated a consequence system for behavior that is not acceptable at North Star Child care.

You will receive a letter when your child has received his first warning.

You will be called and required to pick up your child after the second offense.

Children will be suspended after the third offense.

Children will be expelled after the fourth offense.

We feel that these consequences will result in more safe, organized and structured childcare setting.


Invoices will be on the counter every Monday.

Please put check payments in the marked box on the counter.

Please give cash payments to our staff and we will give you a receipt.

Please come in and sign out your child.

Please feel free to talk to us about anything at any time!!

We look forward to an active, fun, and safe summer!!

Thank you!!

North Star Childcare Staff