Preschool Program


DAY       DATE          ACTIVITY              TIME_____

Friday       April 25     Kissito Pace            10:30-12:00


Monday     May 8       Kissito Pace            10:30-12:00

                                Magic Show with Magic Mike!

Friday       May 12      Late Night until 11     6:30-11:00

Thursday  May 18      Preschool Graduation  12:15-1:00

Friday       May 23      Kissito Pace               10:30-12:00

                                Kinderdance!              10:30-12:00

Monday     May 29 Closed for Memorial Day

We will all be at North Roanoke Swim Club!!

Friday       June 2 North Roanoke Swim Club  9:30-12:30

Tuesday    June 6 North Roanoke Swim Club  9:30-12:30

Thursday   June 8    Summer Camp Starts with a lot of field trips!!

During the summer, we will go on 4 field trips a week!

North Ro Swim Club, Splash Valley, Valley View  Grande,

Loch Haven Lake, ......... 

(Just the start! More to come!)


We are a licensed childcare facility and subject to random unannounced inspections.

We would like to present our childcare as a safe, fun, educational and controlled environment for our children. All staff is trained and highly qualified, including training in CPR and first aid.

We offer productive days, with a planned schedule; including group and classroom time. Although we also offer minimal free time, constructive play is encouraged.

Manners are a very important part of our daily routine. We teach our children respect for themselves and others. Another lesson we teach our children is personal hygiene. We require hand washing with soap and water before and after mealtime. We also encourage sneezing into a tissue or arm and wiping our noses.

We take great pride in teaching children their names, addresses and phone numbers.

We have a required resting period where your child may lay down and take a nap or rest quietly. We provide each child with their own cot.

Field Trips!

We plan many fun, as well as, educational field trips for our preschoolers. Our field trips include going to Splash Valley, Valley View Grande, Loch Haven Lake, seeing Sesame Street Live, going out to eat, going to our swim club and many more!

While riding on the bus, the children will remain seated and each child's arms, legs, and head will remain inside the vehicle.

Doors will be closed properly.

At least one staff member and the driver will always remain in the vehicle when children are present.

Emergency contact numbers will be available.

Information about children will be available on the bus.

Overall, we will provide a healthy atmosphere which is positive and encouraging!  We strongly believe in positive reinforcement. We are all happy, upbeat and fun! We are respectful and acknowledge our friends. We encourage you to stop by and say hi!


Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM. We will be closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Admission and registration includes completing the application form and providing a completed immunization form and physical record. Furthermore, when the administrator and the applicant both sign the application. There is a $100.00 registration fee.  We are waiving the registration fee at this time.


No child will be permitted into the center if he/she appears ill. If a child becomes ill while at the center, he/she will be isolated from the other children (someone will be with him at all times) and the parents will be notified immediately. A staff member will be nearby to comfort your child until you arrive. Please inform us of any health or developmental problems, so we can work better with your child.

No medications of any kind will be given to your child without your permission. All medications must be in its original container with your child's name, time to be administered, amount of dosage, and duration of medicine. Medicines will be returned to parents at the end of its duration. New permission forms must be signed each week. Please give medicines to a staff member and not to your child to put in his/her cubby.

Pillows must be covered with a case.


Young children have not yet developed a sense of judgment about the difference between information that can be shared about their families and information which properly stays within the family. Very often young children are the source of much gossip and conversation about the private lives of their families. Teachers and caregivers unwittingly become the receivers of shared confidences both from children and their parents. Its is critical that children's and parent's confidences are not repeated to other teachers, to the caregiver's friends or families.

We agree to respect to confidentiality of verbal and written reports of children, families, and teachers within our classrooms, the center and in our non-work environment. 

Our field trips will include swimming. We will attend a pool which offers a shallow baby pool, for non-swimmers. Please inform us if your child has special needs.

Full time weekly rate

ages 3-5 years           $138.00  Starting June 5, $148.00

Starting June 5, there will be an extra charge of $10 per week

to help cover the field trip costs.

Morning rate
$88.00  Starting June 5, $128

Afternoon rate
$78.00  Starting June 5, $118

Three day rate
$108.00  Starting June 5, $128

Each day, you will receive a daily report informing you of your child's events. 

You will also receive paper work which was completed by your child that day.

Payment is due on Friday of each week. If payment is not received by Friday, we will add a $5.00 late fee to your account. If payments are two weeks late, your child will be dismissed from our daycare.

At the end of the week, just give us your credit or debit card and we will swipe it for you.

If paying by cash, please see one of us and we will give you a receipt.

Parents who arrive after 6:30 PM, will be charged a $25.00 late fee.
Parents who arrive after 6:45 PM, will be charged a $45.00 late fee.

You will not be charged for vacation weeks with one week's notice.

If no notice is given, you will be charged full price.

We will provide storage space for all children. The children will have their own cubby to store personal belongings.

A two week notice will be required to remove children from the program. Please inform Susan as soon as possible. The center will also give one week notice.

We hire only exceptional, highly qualified staff.

Susan Rolfe is the owner. Shelly Silver is our manager. Leanna Skiles is our program director, manager, and teacher. Peggy Kidd, Ashton Broughman, Robin Nester, Anthony Price, Brandon Decker, Dakota Bradshaw, Donna Galloway and David Rolfe are our other teachers. Dave Ginnings is our karate instructor. 

You are required to escort your child into the building; you will be held responsible for your child's safety until he/she enters the building. If a child is dropped off at a field trip sight, it is imperative that a staff member be informed.

North Star Childcare does not allow anyone to pick-up your child if we have not been previously introduced to that person. Please, remember this policy since it is important for the safety of our children. If, in case of an emergency, you need someone we have not met to pick-up your child, please send a note or call and give us that person's name and description, also advise that person that we will ask for some identification.

When you pick-up your child in the afternoons, a staff member will verify your child is going with the correct individual by checking identification. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

If a parent/guardian is going to be late picking-up a child; that child will be cared for by our staff. If the child is not picked-up within a reasonable time, the designated emergency contact will be called to pick-up the child.

If no one can be contacted one hour after closing, we will call the Child Protective Services Agency.

Please visit the Online Form's section to complete an application for enrollment